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Short stories, flash fiction and anything about writing.

New Series: The Fortune Teller

I’ve been obsessed with tarot cards lately. I bought a deck on Etsy that was absolutely gorgeous (see here), and it’s inspired me to start this new series called The Fortune Teller. I’m still learning about tarot cards, so this will also be a fun adventure as I look up tarot card meanings and try… Read more “New Series: The Fortune Teller”

Diary of a Wimpy Cat: Entry #08

I sit at the human’s feet, watching my surroundings carefully. I am aware of every twitch, every flicker of movement. I must guard the human carefully. The human is on her bright rectangle again. She stares at that thing, day and night, as though it is a particularly delicious rat. But it is always still.… Read more “Diary of a Wimpy Cat: Entry #08”


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