Em’s Scribblings

Credit: Djarn’s Character Maker

Short stories, flash fiction and anything about writing.

Diary of A Wimpy Cat: Entry #05

I place my paws on the edge, balancing myself as I peer over onto the tabletop. She places my delicious food into a bowl. She is meticulous, scraping out the smallest bits of soft, juicy morsels, with lovely, rich-tasting gravy coating every slice. I can taste it already. My mouth waters. But she is slow.… Read more “Diary of A Wimpy Cat: Entry #05”

Night’s Voyage

Sam leapt into the basket, already peering out at the sky even as he sailed over the railing. “Look,” he cried. “Look, Penny, they’re leaving!” “Already?” Penny said in dismay. She was slower than Sam, her skinny limbs clumsy and gangly. She clambered into the basket, her feet tripping over oversized slacks and loafers that… Read more “Night’s Voyage”

Diary of A Wimpy Cat: Entry #04

A face is staring at me. It is hairless and dark. A pair of dark eyes stare out, sandwiched between round cheeks. It is the old human male, demanding I emerge from underneath my bed. I will not bow to his demands. He negotiates, gesturing and waving his hands. “I can’t sleep if you are… Read more “Diary of A Wimpy Cat: Entry #04”


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