New Series: The Fortune Teller

Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

I’ve been obsessed with tarot cards lately. I bought a deck on Etsy that was absolutely gorgeous (see here), and it’s inspired me to start this new series called The Fortune Teller.

I’m still learning about tarot cards, so this will also be a fun adventure as I look up tarot card meanings and try to create stories with them. I’ll probably branch out eventually into other exploring other divination tools like runes, but that’s for another day.

The Fortune Teller is a series of short stories following (surprise!) a mysterious fortune teller as she meets people from all walks of life who come to her for various reasons – usually because they are troubled or have an issue they need help solving. These entries will hopefully be powerful about people who are trying, one way or another, to heal from past emotional wounds.

Here is a snippet into the first story of the series, ‘Queen of Sorrow’.

The entrance to her tent opens. Two sisters step in hesitantly. The fortune teller smiles. “Welcome,” she says. She can feel their bond, strong and vibrant. Sisters by blood and choice. There is another tie to a third sister, but it wanes like a leaf browning with the rise of cold winds. “Please, sit. May I know your names?”

“Melanie,” the older says. 

“You don’t know already?” the younger says. Her tone is cynical but her eyes cut like shattered glass. 

The fortune teller’s smile broadens. It unsettles the sisters, though they are unsure why. The fortune teller has a youthful, plain appearance with muddy brown eyes and heavy brows. Her skin is pocked with acne scars, bumpy, ruddy and uneven. Her lips rest at a naturally crooked tilt, and a yellowing tooth peeks out from beneath her upper lip. She has the appearance of a constant, faint smile. Her hair is hidden from sight, bound tightly beneath a silver headscarf. It leaves every curve, line and imperfection of her face unvarnished. When the sisters leave, they will find their memory of her features blur and slide out of their grasp. In this moment, they cannot imagine it; her presence is as heavy as waking from a deep sleep, with none of its liquid comfort.

I’m now on Tumblr! Find me here.

It’s a very new account but I’ll be posting updates about my writing for this blog and my unpublished WIP projects (original and fanfiction). If you’re interested, do please check it out (and maybe drop a follow if you have Tumblr?)

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