Diary of a Wimpy Cat: Entry #07

It swayed, circling lazily around my head. I followed its path, my paw twitching. I could feel my claws extending, ready to rend and tear my prey.

I lashed out, but it danced away. Tricky, I see. I watched more carefully, my neck mirroring its circling movements. I began to feel a bit dizzy. I lunged out with both my front paws this time. I was quick and sudden; it could not have seen me coming this time. 

A claw snagged on it. I know it. But it was stronger than I expected—indeed, worthy of being my prey. It pulled away from me, though my claw clung on still. I would have gotten in—I was so close—

I was thwarted. My prey is smart, and it flew away so that my body twisted over my feet, and I fell, thrown onto the ground.

I got back up immediately, of course. My body did not hurt, but my dignity did, for the human had been observing the whole time. I had not known until she started laughing at my fall, and took my prey away to hide in some secret area where it will grow stale and dusty until she decides to bring it out again.

I am a patient cat, however. I will wait, and I will have my revenge—on both the human and my prey.

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